About Us

We at YASH FOOT CREATION, wish to enhance your journey with our easy on feet shoes. We are parents and like you we want the best for our kids (and our wallets) without having to wade through traffic or mediocrity. With this in mind, YASH FOOT CREATION was born. We believe that childhood is a celebration and every attire is incomplete without a perfect pair of shoes. Our sole motto is to provide hand crafted, breathe easy, flexible shoes of select quality, 100% comfort, thoughtful and easy on the feet design with room to grow at affordable prices.


Born in the year 1996, YASH FOOT CREATION, first strengthened it’s hold in domestic market and today we have managed to establish ourselves in the major SAARC countries like Srilanka, Dubai etc.
Today we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of premium qualiy rexine and cloth footwear in the world. Our major clients are Max, Khadim’s and major shoe brands.


We are the members of “The Clothing Manufacturers Association” of India. Adding to our credits is our recent PeTA accreditation.Cruelty to animals is the last thing on our mind. We go all natural. No animal related products are used in the manufacture of our shoes.PeTA is one organisation working for cruelty against animals. We are PeTA certified vegan shoes producers. No animals are harmed in the making of our shoe and associated products.As also we conduct many contests in association with PeTA.


With emphasis on growth and innovation, quality is our mainstay. Our inhouse quality- testing centre ensures rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production and packing. Assured quality of products at affordable rates has helped us establish strong foothold in the industry as also has earned us our valued consumer base. We intend to provide the same in the future.


Make a positive difference in the “little one’s big comfort” through commitment to excellence and innovation.

All we implore is ‘to regard foot health with the same gravity as other health issues’


To be proactive baby shoe provider with a wide range of quality options.


Every baby and its’s attire is different, why should the shoes be the same! We have a set of advanced Juki and Puff machines which enable us to custom design every design according to consumer requirements. Certain of our products are handmade designed by our extremely talented, innovation hungry and proactive shoe designers. Everything at YASH FOOT CREATION is handpicked and one glance at our collection makes apparent our consistent taste

Our Production, Manufacturing and Marketing unit is headed in Mumbai, India

We have an assembly of six manufacturing units to meet the requirements of the consumers within stipulated time frame. So what’s the wait, let’s get shopping


American National Consumer Council paper ‘Bad Fit, Bad Feet’, 1981, stated, “…… The child who wears shoes and socks that fit badly is risking his health as surely as the child who eats too many sweets or starts to smoke. In addition, Medical experts agree that when it comes to healthy development of feet, barefoot is the best. It’s the same reason why experts recommend soft, flexible-soled footwear for both infants and children. They are the next best thing to bare feet.

“At birth, children have cartilage in their feet rather than bone. Bone structure doesn’t fully form until between the age of 16 and 18. As a result, children’s feet are far more malleable than adult feet, so well-fitting footwear is essential.” A properly fitted shoe should support the arch and be unrestricted around the toes, allowing them to splay on contact with the ground, which happens when walking. First shoes should be soft-soled, so the foot has to work a little bit harder to support the child.

We owe it to the children of this world to ensure that our shoes are made scientifically in the finest materials that all researchers and podiatrists have demanded for the past 80 years, to provide a natural and near barefeet environment for the child’s foot to grow healthily.Having served this industry for 21 years, we wish to become your baby’s foot buddy. Adorn those tiny tots with the best. Enhance their first steps with comfort and class.